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"I like to remain anonymous but show my body off. Enjoy the blog.I do enjoy comments-but nothing too crude.I will always reply to nice comments.I prefer my lady part being called by her name WILMA,as I am not keen on the p---y word.My husband has started to pose also,he has his own blog-hornyhusband-you should check it out,I like it."


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Hotnudewife1961's Nude Wife Blog

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flag as inappropriate sexyoct    Nov. 6, 2017VResident

what sexy backside view
now u like easy talk..but just can not help this one. u got me hard as a rock
love to jackhammer fuck your sweet Rose Bud

 hotnudewife1961    Nov. 6, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Wow!! Well I will let you off this time lol X :)

flag as inappropriate H&M2017    Nov. 3, 2017

You always spread your legs well.And your hot peachy ass looks amazing!!!Love M.xx

 hotnudewife1961    Nov. 3, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Well thank you M. I'm glad you like my pose. I was waiting such a long time, but you never showed. Maybe next time?? Love H XX

flag as inappropriate Steam    Oct. 29, 2017
VCity Userpic

Well you have cast your spell on me over the last few pictures, now hold that position while we reach the climax that's been cumming!!

 hotnudewife1961    Oct. 29, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

I'm glad my spells are still working so far Steam. Don't worry, I can hold that pose all night. X :)

flag as inappropriate salishsailor    Oct. 29, 2017
VCity Userpic

Awaiting ...

 hotnudewife1961    Oct. 29, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

X :)

flag as inappropriate Hank Pivnik    Oct. 29, 2017

Your beautiful ass is in a class by itself, as are you!! You have made my day!!

 hotnudewife1961    Oct. 29, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Well tank you Hank, and you have made mine too. X :)

flag as inappropriate Sexy M with The Doctor    Oct. 29, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Redon the bed and spread for action.... Cheeky
Well cheeks up and we have choice of entry honey pots....
decisions decisions which one will get the vote?????
Wilma of course...
TD xx

 hotnudewife1961    Oct. 29, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Yes you're right, I can be very cheeky TD. I know for sure, you have made the right choice. Wilma has a great big smile on her face. X:)

flag as inappropriateHubby wants to play    Oct. 29, 2017
VCity Userpic

I like it.

 hotnudewife1961    Oct. 29, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

I'm So pleased about that. X :)

flag as inappropriate tubesx1    Oct. 29, 2017
VCity Userpic

How I would love to be on top with my hard cock spreading your gorgeous lips.

 hotnudewife1961    Oct. 29, 2017VResident
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Wow! yes please. X :)

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